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AM/BIS CAN CH. Satin's Clown'n Around CDX CGC


AM/BIS CAN CH. Avalon Taylormade by Paisley (L)

BISS AM/CAN CH. Long Last Perfect For Paisley

BISS CH. Sunnyglen's Spencer For Hire

CH. Long Last Solar Flare (L) "Shasta"

AM/CAN CH. Paisley N Tuck's Eureka (L)

CH. Classic All That Jazz


AM/CAN CH. Paisley N Tuck's A. Hitchcock CD


CH. Jazzy's Black Satin CD CGC

BISS/BIS CH. Fireman's
Freckled Friend

BISS CH. Count Miquel of Tuckaway

Diamond D's Dot to Dot


AM/CAN/BIS STS CH. Bottom's Up Hopelessly Devoted (L)

AM/CAN CH. Tuckaway Bottoms Up
Gusto (L) 


CH. Bottoms Up Somebody Special


CH. HatTrick's Key to My Heart 


AM/INT CH. HatTrick's Headliner

CH. Tateland's Right On Target

BIS/BISS AM/CAN CH. Alfredrich Handsome Tall N' Dark

CH. Princess Perdita Marie

INT. CH. HatTrick's Miss Nicky Rose

BIS/BISS AM/CAN CH. Korcula Midnight Star Bret D

AM/INT CH. Cyncar Miss Molly of Croatia

INT/AM CH. Snowoods Whitetail HatTrick

CH. Heartland's Romeo of Croatia

BISS AM/CAN CH. Long Last Perfect For Paisley CD

CH. Esquire's Layla Neu of Croatia

Snowood Paisley Cameo Croatia

AM/CAN CH. Paisley Peterbilt AM/CAN CDX TT

CH. Miss Camille of Croatia (L)