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Parhelion's very dear friends at

Gotspotz Dalmatians
Santa Ana, California

Mona & Chanel join with friends to host the "Meet the Breed" booth at the Eukanuba National Dog Show in Long Beach, CA on December 1, 2007. The booth wins 2nd place overall (the Cocker booth with live birds and a live fish pond swiped 1st!) See pictures by Susie Wahl at: (http://s3.photobucket.com/albums/y51/suzspots/Meet%20the%20Breeds/)

Pictured on Jazz's 1st birthday
Ch. Costa Coast Overtime
DOB: June 7, 1997
BAER bilateral
Sire: Ch. Tuckaway Wingedfoot
Dam: Chiaroscuro of Croatia OA, OAJ


Jazz's Photo Album

Mona and Jazz became a winning combination as Jazz matured. Jazz wasn't just a cute puppy but a very typey adult too! Her points all came as an adult dog and she finished shortly before her 3rd birthday. Jazz finished with three majors (thank you judges Rose Ellen Fetter,William Dwelly, and Dorothy Hutchinson) a Best of Breed over several specials and Group 2. 

Unfortunately, Jazz has experienced a few health problems. At around a year old she had a severe reaction to a bee sting that could have been life ending if the Meddock's didn't rush her to the vet within a few minutes of the sting when she began to have trouble breathing. She then had a seizure episode as a 3 year old and had another "odd" episode a year later that may or may not have been seizure related. With the history of severe heath problems in this litter, Mona has made the responsible decision not to breed her. 


 Ch. Hattrick Gotspotz Costacoast

(Pictured August 2002, Puget Sound Dalmatian Club)


DOB: April 2, 2001

BAER Bilateral 

SIRE: AM/BIS CAN CH. Satin's Clown'n Around CDX CGC "Jester"

DAM: Ch. HatTrick's Key to My Heart "Remi"

Owned, Adored and Handled by: Mona Meddock

Co-Owned by: Mike & Maureen Deer and Christine Prince


Rainbow finished her AKC championship quickly with wonderful compliments from judges and other exhibitors alike. She is a beautiful and very sound example of the breed with a wonderful temperament, solid topline & tailset, great shoulders, extreme ring presence & showmanship, flowing Dalmatian movement, correct angulations & proportions, tight feet, and dark eyes & pigmentation.

Rainbow was bred to Crosby and had 7 beautiful puppies in Santa Ana, CA Sept. 2005. The litter was very successful with all 7 puppies having hearing in both ears (BAER bilateral).

Possible plans to breed Rainbow in 2007 are in the works. Contact Mona directly for more information.

Pedigree  Rainbow's Photo Album
More on Rainbow at the Hattrick Dalmatians website: http://dalmatians.home.att.net/Rainbow.html

(photo pending!)


DOB: July 23, 2005

BAER Bilateral (From an all bilateral litter!)

SIRE: Ch. Quicksilver's Rhythm and Blues "Crosby"

DAM: Ch. Hattrick Gotspotz Costacoast "Rainbow"

Owned by: Mona Meddock

Chanel Pedigree; click here

(pictured at 8 months old)


DOB: July 23, 2005

BAER Bilateral (From an all bilateral litter!)

SIRE: Ch. Quicksilver's Rhythm and Blues "Crosby"

DAM: Ch. Hattrick Gotspotz Costacoast "Rainbow"

Owned by:

Co-Owned by: Barbara Lyons & Mona Meddock

Chase (formerly named Stetson in puppy litter pictures) is maturing into a beautiful dog. Look for him at the National in KY!

Hattrick Coach Club Gotspotz

pictured at 4 months with owner Tony




BAER Bilateral

SIRE: AM/Can Ch. Prince Harts "Angus"

DAM: Ch. HatTrick's Play N' With Fire "Cami"

Owned by: Tony & Heidi Wood

Co-Owned by: Maureen Deer & Mona Meddock

Booker will be shown in the conformation ring by Mona.

Flash!!! January 2004 - Booker takes a Group 2 at his first Match show!

Pedigree  Booker's Photo Album

Daisydot Get'N Ink Done
DOB: 11/26/98
Sire: Ch. Daisydot Dusty Miller
Dam: Ch. Mika's Steele Magnolia

(Picture Pending - Oops!) 

Tattoo has been retired for conformation shows. He lives at home and enjoys all of the benefits of couch-potato life.

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