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Information on Dalmatians

We highly encourage researching the sources of internet information!

There are many over-night experts in cyberspace and we do not want any dogs to suffer because of them.

The Dalmatian Club of America, Inc. (DCA)

DCA is the national Dalmatian organization formed in 1905 and recognized by the American Kennel Club. DCA is an accurate source of information regarding Dalmatians.

The DCA Brochure in PDF format.

DCA encourages downloading, printing and distributing this informational brochure freely.

AKC Dalmatian Registration Totals Chart



Please help the future health and well being of all Dals by quickly filling out some research surveys for the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. They need survey results for past and living Dals.


More Dalmatian Sites of Interest

Dalmatian Club of America Foundation

The DCA Health Research Foundation

The Spotter

Dalmatian Club of America's quarterly magazine

Paisley Dalmatian's Kennel Tour Page

Lots and lots of Dal sites and responsible breeders


Announcements and brags of recent wins, new titles, upcoming litters and more!

Regional Dalmatian Clubs

NEW CLUB July 2007 !! Central Carolina Dalmatian Club

club address: http://hometown.aol.com/mrswoz/page1.html

Chicagoland Dalmatian Club

Dalmatian Club of America
Dalmatian Club of Detroit
Dalmatian Club of Finger Lakes
Dalmatian Club of Greater Denver
Dalmatian Club of Indianapolis
Dalmatian Club of Northern California
Dalmatian Club of the Piedmont (North Carolina)

Dalmatian Club of San Diego County

Dalmatian Club of Southern New England

Dalmatian Club of Southern California

Dalmatian Organization of Tulsa

Delaware Valley Dalmatian Club

Greater Denver Dalmatian Club

Greater Twin Cities Dalmatian Club

Greater Washington Dalmatian Club

Mid Florida Dalmatian Club

Pittsburgh Dalmatian Club

Puget Sound Dalmatian Club


Dalmatian Club of Victoria Inc 

Dalmatian Club of Canada
Dansk Dalmatiner Klub (Denmark)
Club Amici Dalmata (Italy)
Dalmatian Club of Finland 
Netherlands Dalmatian Club 
Dalmatian Club of South Africa 


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