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Informational Agility Related Websites & Forums

Clean Run Store - Agility events calendar, directory of schools & clubs, and lots more! www.cleanrun.com
The Dog Patch - articles, courses & directories www.dogpatch.org/agility

Mighty Mite Small Dog Sports Forum - Small dog forum for all dogsports (flyball, obedience, agility, conformation, etc.) http://www.mightymitedoggear.com/forum

United States Dog Agility Associations

American Kennel Club Agility Regulations (AKC)  
American Mixed Breed Obedience Registration (AMBOR)
Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA)
Canine Performance Events (CPE)
Dogs On Course in North America (DOCNA)
Just For Fun Agility (JFF)
North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC)
North American Dog Racing Association (NADRA)
Teacup Dogs Agility Association (TDAA)
United Kennel Club Agility (UKC)
United States Dog Agility Association, Inc. (USDAA)

How Much Equipment is Needed for an AKC Trial?

These are not official lists, but rather suggested planning lists of ring equipment that should/could/might be needed for an AKC trial. These lists were compiled in 2001, changes in AKC rules since then may change the contents of these lists.

 1-ring trial list
 2 ring trial list

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