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Parhelion (pär hē΄lē әn) n., a bright, sunlike optical illusion caused by sunlight passing through ice crystals in the upper atmosphere; a sundog

Thank you for stopping to visit our site! We are a family who enjoys training, competing and spending time with our canine family members & human friends who share the same interests. Our "kennel" is not a physical building, but more of a term for the canine half of the household. All of our dogs (and cats!) enjoy the freedom of time spent indoors and out, but tend to prefer to be wherever the human members of the family are spending their time.

Our home is located centrally in the Carolinas. Monroe is just north of the state line in Union County, North Carolina and just east of the city Charlotte. Our dogs enjoy the fair climate of this area called the "Piedmont" although we are on the border of the "Sandhills" to the East and Southeast.

In 1989, our first Dalmatian joined the family as a horseback riding escort. We have been showing Dalmatians in AKC conformation since 1991. Subsequently we got out of horses and into dog games since we found them more fulfilling.

We have trained our dogs for agility competitions since 1997. In 2005 we added a Boykin Spaniel to our clan and he is excelling in all sports; agility, obedience, rally, and tracking including making history as the first AKC titled agility Boykin Spaniel.

Please visit our "Meet Our Dogs" page for biographies, pedigrees, and recent accomplishments.

We are active in the following clubs:

Charlotte Dog Training Club

Queen City Agility
Dalmatian Club of America

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